When you’ve been through an experience as traumatic as a fire in your home, you need the services of IDC Fire and Water Restoration to minimize your losses and recover as many of your possessions as possible from the ravages of the smoke and fire damage.

We are IDC, a family owned and operated business. For nearly twenty years we’ve been there during difficult times, guiding our customers through the process of restoring their home and property to its pre-damaged condition.


Why choose IDC for Fire & Smoke Restoration services?

Our 24/7 emergency response service ensures that our crew and technicians are at the site within hours of your call. As one of the most experienced and reputable fire damage companies and smoke removal services in the South East, we know that in cases of fire damage, regardless of scale, immediate attention is of the utmost importance. Delays could lead to odors and soot being absorbed deeper into the walls, making them difficult to eliminate. Our 24/7 service ensures that you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

We use highly specialized processes and proprietary technology to ensure that your possessions are cleaned and restored as quickly as possible. Our process is the most advanced in the industry and place us a cut above other fire damage companies. We treat your personal belongings with the utmost care and helping ensure they are restored to their pre-damage state and returned to you. Quality control is something we take very seriously to ensure that we gain your confidence and loyalty.

Why choose IDC for Water Damage Restoration Services?

Whether it’s from a fire response or a frozen pipe, water damage can have a devastating effect on your home. If you don’t get the problem sorted quickly, it can lead to mold and mildew, stains, and even structural degradation.

That’s why we’re here to help. We have almost 20 years’ experience restoring homes in Atlanta, Athens, and Anderson at IDC. Our expert technicians will be with you within hours of your call and will do everything they can to wind back the clock, returning your home to its original state.

24/7 Service

When it comes to repairing water damage, we know there’s no time to waste. That means our professional team is always ready to take your call – whatever the time of day (or night).

Our water damage restoration service can tackle the following, all on a 24/7 basis:

  • Water Extraction
  • Carpet Cleaning 
  • Pack-out Salvagables
  • Deodorization
  • Sewage Decontamination
  • Roof & Leak Repair

Non-Emergency Services

Once we’ve sorted the worst of the damage, we can arrange a time to carry out any non-emergency repairs. We offer:

  • De-humidification
  • Plumbing / Tile Repair
  • Carpet Repair / Replacement
  • Upholstery / Curtain Cleaning
  • Replace / Repair / Repaint Walls
  • Flooring Removal or Replacement
  • Mold Assessment & Remediation
  • Discards Removal

Why choose IDC for 24/7 Mold Removal & Remediation Services?

If you’ve got mold in your home, you could be dealing with more than just a musty smell. Breathing in mold can be incredibly hazardous to your health, causing wheezing, itchy eyes, and even asthma attacks.

When you call IDC, you can tackle your mold problem for good. Whether it’s a symptom of water damage or a stand-alone issue, we’ve got the expertise and equipment needed to remove mold from your home.

Our professional technicians have been keeping Atlanta houses mold-free since 1998. We offer round-the-clock mold removal and remediation services, including:

Detailed Scope & Estimate

We’ll provide you with detailed, room-by-room scopes to explain what will happen during the remediation process. This means you’ll always know our service’s cost up-front – no nasty surprises further down the line.


We’ll secure the affected area to ensure that no spores can find their way into the rest of your home.

Storage Capacity

Need somewhere safe to store your valuables? At IDC, we have thousands of feet of warehouse space, ready and waiting to keep your belongings out of harm’s way.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Anything I had a concern about was addressed right away. IDC went above and beyond to make everything look good.

- R. Lewis

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