13 Places Where Mold Could Be Hiding in Your Kitchen

Wherever there’s excess moisture and organic material, mold can form. It grows from the release of tiny invisible spores and can take up residence in various places around your dwelling. As a result, the kitchen is a prime spot for spores to thrive.

Not all mold is visible, but even out of sight, it should never be out of mind. Continue reading below to learn about 13 places where mold could be hiding in your kitchen. You’ll also learn a few things you can do to get rid of it if you have an outbreak.

1) Inside the Refrigerator

Food is a leading source of mold growth, especially expired ingredients. To avoid mold in the fridge, make sure to clear out any old or expired food regularly. Wipe down all surfaces in your fridge to ensure there’s no organic residue to cause spores to grow.

Some homeowners also opt for refrigerator drip trays to collect any leaking water. Doing so will significantly reduce the chance of mold growing inside your fridge.

2) Under the Sink

Since mold thrives in dark and damp environments, under the sink is the perfect place for it to hide. Check under your kitchen sink regularly for signs of plumbing leaks, excess moisture, or any other conditions that may cause spores to form.

If you suspect a mold infestation, clean under the sink with a hydrogen peroxide-based or bleach cleaning solution. Cleaning with bleach and hydrogen peroxide prevents mold from spreading to other areas of your kitchen.

3) On Your Dishes

Wet dishes can quickly lead to mold. You need to dry your dishes thoroughly after washing them before putting them back in the cabinet.

If you don’t have a dishwasher or it doesn’t have a drying feature, use a cloth to wipe down all dishes before stacking them in the cupboard. The last thing you want is for fungus to infiltrate your favorite dishes.

4) Trash Cans

Given that we throw away food waste in the trash, it’s evident that fungus and bacteria can take up residence in the trash. To avoid this, make sure to remove trash from your home regularly. Set a schedule where you move trash bags to the appropriate spot outside of your residence.

Putting out the trash in an outside trash can will prevent mold from growing and deter other pests like insects and rodents from coming into your house.

5) Stove and Microwave

Since mold and moisture go hand in hand, your microwave is at risk of exposure. When we cook food in the microwave, sometimes liquids can spill out and collect at the base of the appliance. You can find grease, water, and food remnants accumulate inside a microwave.

The same goes for the stove. When you cook food, wipe down any liquids spilled on the stovetop. Otherwise, you could find yourself with a pesky mold problem.

6) Kitchen Cabinets and Pantry

Besides moisture and darkness, fungi love places that don’t have a lot of ventilation. The lack of air circulation causes increased humidity, which helps the spores thrive. As a result, your pantry and kitchen cabinets are a prime target for mold spores.

Be sure to have a routine schedule to inspect your pantry and cabinets for any signs of mold.

7) Air Conditioner

If your kitchen has an air conditioner, mold could grow there. Air conditioners frequently leak water onto the surface of the unit and the floor.

As a result, spores can use that moisture to grow a mold colony. Always inspect your air conditioner regularly and clean up any leaks that may occur.

8) Window Sills

Window sills can collect a significant amount of moisture, especially after a heavy rainstorm. If you see it’s about to rain, make sure you shut all your kitchen windows to prevent water from collecting on the sill.

Otherwise, spores will grow and eventually make their way into other areas of your home. It’s also advisable to periodically wipe down the windows and sills for dust, moisture, and other contaminants.

9) Indoor Plants

Plants add to your home’s aesthetics and improve air quality. However, they are also an excellent place for mold to hide.

Since plants are organic, spores can grow on them rapidly. The soil is where the fungus will thrive the most. Inspect your plants and remove any leaves or branches overrun with mold.

10) Vents

If your home has high humidity levels, all of that humidity travels through the ventilation system. As a result, the fungus can grow there virtually uninterrupted.

When you run your air conditioner or heating system, the air can blow the spores into every room in your house, including the kitchen.

If you suspect mold growing in your vents, you may need to seek professional help right away.

11) Under the Floor

A mold colony that grows under the floor is tricky to get rid of, mainly because it’s hard to find. The spores are highly resilient and can even grow underneath your floorboards.

As a result, a colony can go unnoticed for several years, leading to a wide range of health risks for you and your family.

12) On Towels

Damp towels are a primary hot spot for fungus and other microbial organisms. If you’re using a towel to dry dishes and throw them under your sink, the moisture inside can quickly develop a colony.

Be sure to clean and try all the towels you use in the kitchen to prevent this from happening.

13) The Walls

Condensation can quickly form on walls where there is excess humidity—such as bathrooms or kitchens. Combined with a lack of air circulation, the walls can become breeding spots for mold.

Look in corners, along baseboards, and other damp and dark areas. Always keep your walls as dry as possible to prevent the fungus from developing.


No doubt, dealing with mold in the kitchen can be tiresome. When it comes to staying mold-free, prevention is the best approach. Follow the advice above to keep your kitchen safe from fungus and other microorganisms that may cause health risks.

Have a mold problem you can’t handle on your own? Check out our mold remediation services to see how we can help.

13 Places Where Mold Could Be Hiding in Your Kitchen

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